Microsoft Skype 2017 Review and Download

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This is a quick review about skype 2017 new version

Skype is one of the most widely used VoIP and messaging programs, especially after the acquisition of Microsoft and the abandonment of MSN. You can call your Skype contacts wherever they are and on different media (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.). Purchasing Skype Credit you can also call the phone numbers (fixed and mobile) at low cost. In addition to chat and calls the program allows you to make video calls, you just have a webcam and a microphone.

With Skype you can make calls (even international) free. Just install the software and sign up Create a Skype account . The application offers many opportunities, even for video conferencing, remote training etc., Through the innovation of video calling. This allows for real-time conversations and face-to-face with microphone and webcam. The conversation may also be conducted in a different way.

You can chat with friends, family and acquaintances. It reduces communication costs in the professional using VoIP technology and is beneficial to all types of companies. For those who do not have a Skype account, you can register with their Facebook account and find their friends to chat more comfortably with its interface, subtle and pleasant. After the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft and the abandonment of its popular MSN Messenger messaging software (Windows Live Messenger or WLM) time to chat with your contacts you need to use Skype, sign in with your MSN account, Skype contacts will be imported automatically. Download skype

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